Creditcard statement showing charge to Acuvent?

If your credit card statement itemises a charge to ‘Acuvent’, ‘Acuvent Balgowlah’ or ‘Acuvent Balgowlah Heights’ the card was used to pay for attendance at one of our customer’s events.

The event may be a training course, conference, seminar, forum, luncheon, workshop, networking function, symposium, reunion, congress, gala event, conference or a sporting clinic.  If you or anyone who uses the credit card recalls registering for an event then please contact the event’s organiser directly for a copy of the tax receipt.

Contact Us

If you cannot recall the event then phone us (credit card details should never be emailed) on 1300 552 992 (+61 2 8014 8411) with the:

  • Credit card number (for security reasons we will not ask for the expiry date, security code or cardholder name); and
  • Date and Amount of the charge

We will locate charge and the event it relates to.  If required, we can re-send the tax invoice/receipt to the registrant (for privacy reasons we can only email the invoice to the email address/es recorded on the registration).

Alternatively, you may contact your card provider (they are likely to recommend you contact us in the first instance so as to avoid any fees associated with the retrieval of the tax receipt).