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Event Management

The Cvent Event Management software is the most sophisticated solution on the market, allowing you to navigate every aspect of your event as simply and efficiently as possible.

Either click on the links below to navigate to your specific area of interest, or read down the page to gain an understand of the end to end solution we offer:

Event Planning | Event Marketing | Event Registration | Reporting

Cvent delivers the meetings and events industry with best-in-class technology that can handle the entire event lifecycle from start to finish – all or part of it, including:

  •         Finding the perfect venues.
  •         Setting and managing and event budget.
  •         Promoting your events and hosting online registration.
  •         Simple check-in process.
  •         Engaging your attendees onsite via mobile applications; and
  •         Ultimately providing you with post-event reports to measure your return on investment.

Event Planning

Imagine a single application that would allow an event planner to input all the data they needed to gain approval for their meetings and events.  Imagine a single application that reports on all aspects of the meeting, from the cost of the meeting space through to catering, travel and housing.

  • Create workflow and approval rules in the system to reflect your policy
  • User defined roles, so each team member has only the access they need
  • Provide external links to extended team members (suppliers, senior management)
  • Create task lists for event team members
  • Share project deadlines and calendars
  • Set up GL codes to integrate with company accounting guidelines
  • Examine budgets based on fixed costs, or variable costs per attendees or a combination of scenarios
  • Product meeting expenditure estimates by expense category

 Event Marketing

Custom event websites

Event specific website matching your brand

  • Create striking and professional event websites to match your event’s branding. No HTML knowledge required.
  • Showcase every detail of your upcoming event, agenda, map, delegate list the works!
  • The technology will allow delegate to view all the details on mobile devices

Click here to see some sample event websites built using Cvent

Email Marketing for Events

Market! Market! Market! your events via email

  • Customise the emails, using your branding to look and feel like your own.
  • Automate invitation and reminder emails based on rules that you define
  • Personalise emails using over 40 mail merge fields
  • Smart links allow you to pre populate contact data in the registration form
  • Measure the success of your email marketing efforts with open rates and click through reports
  • Tell a friend option
  • Comply with SPAM rules

Contact management

Event contact management made easy!

  • Store all your event contacts in the  easy to update contact database
  • Import contacts with one click from virtually any source
  • Integrate with another database using the API
  • Create tailored registration for different contact types
  • Merge duplicate contacts into one record
  • One-click opt-out options for your invitees
  • Track history per contact

Event Calenders

Promote all of your upcoming events on
your website

  • Allow your invitees to see what’s coming up
    in thenext 2 weeks, month or year
  • Place different calendars in different locations
  • You can update the calender yourselve, no
    need to call anyone ‘technical’
  • Promote all of your current events on all
    of your invitations if you like?
  • Your event calendar can look like your
  • One click and they sync into outlook


 Event Registration

Whether you are only interested in knowing your delegates first name, last name and email address, OR  you need to collect all there is to know about them, our online registration tool can support your needs.

Registering for an event should be simple and intuitive.  Our event registration software lets you decide what information you need to collect, where and how it should be collected.

  • Establish an intuitive, attractive online registration form for you delegates, fully branded as you own.
  • Allow your delegates to pay online, making discount, early bird specials, group discount and refunds as simple as can be.  Don’t worry about information and data security. Online payment processing is secure and worry-free. Cvent is PCI Level 1 Compliant.
  • Choose what, to whom and when to email – invitations, confirmations, tickets, tax invoices, reminders, thank you’s, surveys, certificates to name a few.
  • Manage wait lists for the event or individual streams within the event with ease.
  • Create custom name badges and mailing labels with ease.
  • Clone a previous form, and get that next event up and running in no time.
  • Place links to documents on your registration form, things like tradeshow maps, exhibiter manuals etc.
  • Allow the system to automatically handle waitlists based on the capacity you define.

Payment Processing

Avoid the headaches of chasing debtors after the event and dealing with manual payment transactions.  Use Cvent to collect payments quickly and securely online all in real time.

Automated refunds are a real bonus, so that your delegates don’t have to wait for their funds and you know exactly where you stand financially at any one point in time.

  • PCI compliance (link to what that means)
  • Secure online payments
  • Choose payments options that suit you
  • Credit Card processing
  • Payment gatway, your or ours



The BEST event reporting too on the market

In order to properly manage your event, you need access to the information.  When you establish your registration form, you will have thought very carefully about what information you want to collect.  You can utilise the custom field functionality to tailor fields that are unique to your event, and then you can report on just about anything you need:

  • Run 100+ standard reports with one click
  • Create unlimited custom reports, filtering by contact data, event date, classifications or other criteria
  • Measure data and metrics across all events with cross-event reports
  • Park reports on branded web pages to allow colleagues across departments to easily view relevant event data in real time
  • Export reports in multiple formats: Excel, PDF, Word, XML, CSV, TIFF, and Web Archive )I




Acuvent proved its worth from the very first event: intuitive to use, flexible in meeting our unique registration requirements and of course, the team is available and quick to answer any question no matter how big or small.

Nicole Stirling - Marketing Manager, Sitecore Australia