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Our Services

Acuvent are Cvent application specialists and we help Cvent customers deliver great events and get the most from the platform.

With a proven combination of technical skill, experience, and communication, Acuvent delivers the results that your events deserve.

Event Setup & Support

Acuvent helps you reducing cost and risk while improving efficiency – whether your events are in-person, virtual or hybrid

  • Requirements gathering
  • Configuration strategies
  • Imagery & graphic design
  • Reporting
  • Testing and launch Support
  • Post-launch changes

Best Practice

We review your current usage and provide recommendations to help you get the most from your Cvent investment

  • User access and security
  • Leveraging templates
  • Customised and automated reporting
  • Streamlining new event set-ups
  • Address book rationalisation
  • Cross-event reporting

Application Administration

No time to implement new features? We can help fill the gap and provide Cvent administration support for your event(s) and organisation.

  • New feature analysis and implementation
  • Event effectiveness reviews
  • Account-wide reporting
  • Event planner support (Level 1 support)
  • System integration management
  • Cvent liaison

Personalised Upskilling

Prefer a customised approach that is relevant to your users?
Learn more effectively with live face-to-face (online/in-person) training. We develop and deliver training programs that are tailored to your organisations use of Cvent and your users Cvent skill level

  • Skills development planning
  • Content development
  • In-person or on-line training
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Ongoing knowledge support

Onsite Support

We recommend Cvent’s team for managing your end-to-end onsite solution however we’re available on the day for any additional support you may need.

  • Attendee participation tracking management
  • Event App support
  • Onsite software changes & updates
  • Progress reporting
  • Speaker preparation and support

Why Acuvent

Having been involved in the events industry since the early 2000’s we understand how Cvent’s event technology can help event planners execute and add value to their attendees, sponsors, exhibitors, and other stakeholders.

We can stick to the basic needs for your event or provide advice on alternatives and options if you need us to go above and beyond. This may include alternative methods of implementing functionality that can provide additional benefit to one or more stakeholders through to considering new software products that really make sense in terms of your event goals.

First established in 2007, Acuvent are a team of Cvent specialists with over 25 years combined experienced working with Cvent’s event technology suite. 

The team have worked on hundreds of events with almost as many Cvent customers and we bring that depth and breadth of knowledge to our engagement with you and your team. 

Passion drives us and helps you make better decisions with your event management technology.

We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it and to the best of our ability.

Our team members carry current certifications for the Cvent products you have licensed for your events.

We also work closely with Cvent’s team, so we are always on top of our game!

These are other ways you know that you are benefiting from advice founded on a broad & deep understanding of Cvent’s software solutions.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Check out these common questions or contact us for more information…

Event (all modules including Abstracts, Lead Management, Exhibitor & Speaker portals), Mobile, Virtual, Virtual Attendee Hub, OnArrival (pre-event)

We aim to work to your schedule. We will always be upfront about timings and deadlines. An event set-up can take as little as an hour (replicating existing simple events).

Our fees are competitive, and our services are quoted to suit your event/s – an hourly basis, a fixed fee for a particular event, a subscription (typically for system administration and general ongoing user support), or a custom quotation for specific deliverables

Absolutely – if you need us to stay with you through to the end of your event then we’re available to make updates and changes, troubleshoot, help at the event, and assist with reporting

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